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Seller Advantage System

Real estate begins with a conversation, which continues on through to the closing. This is true whether you are buying, selling or both. Candid conversation and a safe space to have them in is key. If I've done my job right you'll miss that interaction when it is done. Just remember I hear am here for you.

Thus, the first step to any effective house selling strategy is to find out what you the seller wants. The short answer is not always "the most money I can get". 

During the seller consultation you'll get a chance to voice your needs and wants and be heard. Everyone's situation is different, their reason for selling, their timeline, their comfort level and more. All this must first be found out in order to best respond to those needs with an effective action plan that will net the results you need not the results I need. 

Ever here this, "I sell houses in less time for more money with less hassle then anyone else"? Sure that is what I want, lots of houses sold for the most money I can sell them for in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort, or "hassle'. That way I can boast about my "days on market:" being lower than anyone else or my "sold to listing ratio" is the highest or I sell more than anyone.... You get the picture, where are you in all of that? Well if you want the same thing great I can do that for you too, but what if your needs are not aligned with those? What if your focus is finding a house for the family in the city you are being transferred to and the company will pick up any loss so price isn't your main focus. Or the place you want to buy is not going to be built for 6 months. Or, you get the point. 


Once your needs are clear, the action plan is drawn up to align with them. Here's where the real magic happens and where years of experience, know-how and the right connections come into play.

A look at the property to get familiar with its selling features and issues that may need to be addressed. This then leads to a plan to get the place ready for market which may not involve any action at all or may require some upgrades and repairs. The decisions here are based on your needs, timeline and situation.

As for connections I've built up over the years a power team of finance people, tax advisors, estate planners, contractors and legal counsel. You may find a need for these professionals as part of your overall plan.  

This is why it is important to involve me the moment you begin to think about selling even to help decide whether to sell or not. 

OK we've got the plan now to put the marketing into play. Here is where going beyond a for sale sign on the front lawn is key. Rest assured, every qualified buyer that is in the market for a home like yours will know it is for sale through my marketing work which involves both online and off marketing assets. 

A picture says a thousand words, I know that is trite but it is true. The state of the art 2D and 3D imagery is used here to showcase your home in its best light. 


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