How-To & Help

Favourite Listings

Favourite listings are listings that you want to save and view later, click the star icon near each listing result.

Saved Searches

Fill in your criteria once, after you save your search you'll be able to see those listings currently on the market that fit. Furthermore you'll be notified via email when a new listing hits the market so you don't miss out on the most desirable ones. Click the more options next to the go button on the home page to unlock the power of bespoke searches.

Save a Search

Providing your search results in fewer than 1500 properties you can select the green "Save Search" option at the top of any listings results page.

Daily Listing Updates

New listings matching your saved search criteria will be sent to you each day. This will keep you informed on the latest properties available. You can change the frequency in the preference tab of your dashboard.

Sign In

At the end of the main menu, click Sign In if you haven't yet, create an account. Once logged you'll be able to access your real estate portal dashboard here you'll be able to:

  • See all your favourite listings
  • Access your saved searches 
  • Message me or check your messages from me
  • Change your preferences, including how often you are emailed new search results and  add a second email to the search recipients.