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 You've made the decision to move forward with your real estate goals. Frankly the best thing you could do for yourself is to contact me directly at 780-893-0269

I help you as a buyer or seller navigate through the real estate transaction, by providing timely and accurate information with a high level of communication and attention to your needs. As a result you are able to complete your purchase or sale on your terms with my guidance.

Choosing the right REALTOR® for your needs is key.

The Real Estate Council of Alberta put out an excellent resource for home sellers called "Home Seller's Guide". It is a straight forward yet comprehensive article that prepares you for not only choosing an agent but preparing for the sale and all the steps from start to finish. You can access it here. 
Here are the answers to the questions that the Real Estate Council of Alberta recommends you ask a prospective REALTOR®:
  • I've been in business as a full time career REALTOR® since January 2006
  • I represent on average about a dozen sellers or more a year with the rest being buyers. 
  • I detail the services I provide to you when we meet however they include but are not limited to counsel regarding market positioning, getting ready for market, approximate net to you the seller, a 5 step marketing program including the Maxwell Maximum Marketing System, explanation of forms involved, how I get paid, my communication system for keeping you up to date on any progress as well as an open door policy ensuring your questions or concerns are answered and handled in a timely manner to your 100% satisfaction.
  • My geographic area is Edmonton and area however my real estate app available covers all MLS properties all across Canada, so if you or someone you know is outside my zone I will personal ensure they are connected up with an vetted agent that specializes in the area needed. 

  • I specialize in residential properties including single family dwellings, condominium properties of all types as well as acreages and land. For commercial, industrial or farm needs my network is extensive and I'll arrange to get you in touch with the professional best suited for the job.
  • Marketing your home is covered thoroughly during our meeting which includes but is not limited to both print and online marketing, exposure to both agents and qualified buyers, as well as ensuring safety and security standards are met and exceeded every step of the way. 
  • The guidelines for handling multiple offers are set at the federal, provincial and local board levels with the latter being the most specific. For example, in my zone it is recommended by the board that all REALTORs® having submitted an offer that is competing with one or more other offers be notified as to the existence of the other offers, the REALTOR® & brokerage names representing the buyers. The details of the offers are not typically divulged. 
  • However, as it is the seller's directions to their real estate professional that override any board recommendations this process can be modified according to the seller's wants including not disclosing the presence of other offers or divulging all details of every offer. 
  • I go over with the seller ahead of time the pros and cons of any action or inaction as it pertains to the selling process so the seller can decide on a course of action best suited for their situation. 
  • I present buyers offers to you the seller by going over the offer in detail and discuss things like, initial deposit, price, chattels, conditions etc. As well I discuss any aspects of the offer or anything I know that I can divulge that may help in making a decision as it relates to the offer and what the next step will be. 
    • The top three things that separate me from my competition include my extensive experience spanning well over a decade with sales of roughly $60 million, my results driven business model is based on relationships built and maintained through effective and trustworthy service. For example, when a buyer calls off of a sign, I meet with them before going to the property thus ensuring this person is who they say they are and qualified to purchase your property eliminating the hassle and security risk of opening your doors to just anybody. I could go on but this is already getting lengthy. 
  • You deal always directly with me. My hands on approach ensures when I take on a listing it is me you are working with enabling a personalized experience that meets your specific needs and reacts quickly as those needs change.  
  • I get paid after you have accepted an offer you are satisfied with, the buyer has removed all conditions, the buyer has paid in full the purchase price, your lawyer has received the funds and has given me authorization to release the keys to the buyer. Then and only then do I get paid.
  • My fees are discussed when we meet and vary depending on whether I am bringing my buyer to the table or not. Rest assured the focus is what you net from the sale and when an offer comes in the net is calculated so that you can more appropriately respond to the offer/s. I've netted my clients more than they would have selling on their own by positioning and marketing the home correctly. There is a lot of money that can be lost by not doing it correctly. Having a bulldog on your side is helpful, I'm a friendly bulldog that protects his people. 
  • I work exclusively for you the seller and not the buyer unless you direct me otherwise and if so, my fees are reduced as in the case where one of my buyers buys your property, which on rare occasion does happen. 
  • Conflicts of interest are handled and only come about when either one or more of my buyers wants to write an offer on a property I have listed or more than one of my buyers wants to write on the same property. As a seller it is the former that we will discuss. All parties are given an opportunity to either remain exclusively represented by me or referred to an agent that will be able to represent them exclusively. The client I have a relationship the longest with I remain with the other is referred out unless both parties direct me to facilitate the transaction in writing knowing that I will treat them fairly but will not be able to advocate for them. This whole process is covered thoroughly in our meeting. 
  • I keep you informed based on your preferred method/s of communication. I use all forms of communication including in person, phone, text, email, messenger platforms, etc. I like to do a weekly update and feedback from showings when I get it. Sometimes there will be a need for communication more frequently such as arranging showing times, dropping off brochures, sudden changes in the market that you need to know, etc. I feel communication is key and as a team we are stronger and more effective with more communication not less. 
  • I typically work with 6-12 clients at any given time, this way I can be there for you when you need me and for as much time as you need me. 
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